Wackatdooo GIFs

Here's some gifs I made from my film Wackatdooo:


Karaoke In Suit With A Chiken On Your Shoulder

(AKA two rejected designs glued together)

I had the chance to animate on this beautiful animated short directed by the great Benjamin Anders


Also on TUMBLR

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Wackatdooo Production Art

My film Wackatdooo will soon be online for everyone to see!
Color by Edith Lebel



Loop created for LOOPDELOOP.ORG
(according to this month theme: CHILDHOOD)

Visuel: Benjamin Arcand
Audio: François-Xavier Paquin


Wackatdooo (trailer)

Voici un la bande-annonce de mon film Wackatdooo qui tourne présentement dans les festivals à travers le monde. Le film sera bientôt disponible en ligne.
Here's my film trailer (Wackatdooo). It's currently screening in festivals around the world.
The whole thing will be online in a near future.

Festivals Selections (to date):
Athens Animfest - Athens/Greece - March 2014
Animation Torrent - Chicago/USA - April 2014
Animatricks Festival - Helsinki/Finland - April 2014 - Honorary mention in the int'l competition
Golden Kuker-Sofia International Animation Film Festival - Sofia/Bulgaria - May 2014
MIAFF - Melbourne/Australia - June 2014
Fest Anca - Žilina, Slovakia - June 2014
SIGGRAPH (via Animation Torrent best hand-drawn films selection) - Vancouver/CAN - Aug. '14
Encounters Film Festival - Bristol/UK - September 2014
Ottawa International Animation Festival - Ottawa/Canada - Sept. '14
London International Animation Festival - London/UK - Oct. '14