Animated Cartoon Short Film - WIP # 8

My INDIEGOGO campaign was a success. Thanks a million everyone!!
I have about 2min30sec of (clean) animation completed
(total duration of the film is about 5min)
I must keep up the pace!

Here's what it may looks like when the film is finished.
I've got the chance to work with the great Edith Lebel
who is doing the color on those backgrounds!
Alors voilà un peu à quoi ça pourrait ressembler au final.
C'est un premier test de "compositing"...
J'ai la chance d'avoir l'aide de l'excellente Edith Lebel pour la couleur des décors!
Ça commence sur une fin de ZIP PAN, ne restez pas surpris.

Compositing test (It begins on a finishig zip-pan, don't be suprised.):


BeeBee Silva said...

Can't wait for the finished short! Keep working at it! :3

Kirun said...


Benjamin Arcand said...

THanks guys !